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Personal trainer and client

Personal Training

Personal trainer and a client

Personal Training

Monthly, solo training

$250 (1 session/wk)

$470 (2 /wk) *most popular plan

$650 (3 sessions/wk) 

Trio training clients and trainer

Trio Training

Training for 3 people

$151 (1 session/wk)

$278 (2 sessions/wk)

$377 (3 sessions/wk) 

Partner training clients

Buddy Training

Training for 2 people

$190 (1 session/wk)

$348 (2 sessions/wk)

$468 (3 sessions/wk) 

Quad Training group

Quad Training

Training for 4 people

$120 (1 session/wk)

$218 (2 sessions/wk)

$299 (3 sessions/wk) 

Training packages are sold in one month, recurring options, based on 1 hour sessions and 52 weeks per year.

Prices for Partner and Group Training are listed per person, per month. Kentucky charges a 6% sales tax, which is not included here. TMP assesses a one time $30 registration fee for new clients.

Tracie, Lexington, KY

“Martin has been great in helping me to reach my goals. I initially asked him to help with my strength and balance, but I have acheived so much more. My confidence has been boosted , I feel better, and I have lost weight."

Mikael, Aarhus, Dk

“Martin is extremely knowledgable and a very warm-hearted person. I've had the pleasure of training with him in the past and I highly value his wisdom, curiosity and (maybe most importantly) his great humility. He exudes a calmness and confidence that makes you feel safe and at ease. His ability to listen is invaluable and combined with his vast experience Martin is sure to guide you to amazing places."

Dee Dee, Lexington, KY

"Martin is the best personal trainer I have had in 15 years! He pushed me and is not traditional!!!!! He definitely challenges me and motivates me to do more than my best! You can tell he is experienced and his accent helps!!!! He is a great asset!!!!!"

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