links to find out more about some of the people and places that inspire us

Jesse Goldberg and Eugene Poku began blending acrobatics, yoga, and dance into a creative and exploratory style of movement that they called Acro Yoga around 1989.  We completed their teacher training programs, level 1 & 2, in Montreal in 2016.  Check them out because they are incredible movement innovators! All honor to our teachers.

Acro Revolution

Lizzy Tomber, Josh Young, Whakapaingia David Luke, and Sara Laimon Luke are the team behind the Acro Revolution powerhouse: a three pronged approach that includes the Acro Revolution teacher training program, the Acro Revolution Circus intensive training program and AcroLove festivals, which are some of the biggest acro festivals in North America, bringing together teachers in acrobatics, acroyoga, cheer, and circus.  Josh Young is also the master mind behind, an online catalogue of acro poses and machines. We had an inspired time training with them at AcroLove DC.

This west coast style of acroyoga co-founded by Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein in 2006 combines elements of acrobatics, yoga, and thai bodywork into a duel practice: Solar and Lunar with more powerful, strength-focused poses in the Solar practice and restorative, therapeutic poses in the Lunar. We had the chance to train with Jason in Montreal in 2016.

Aarhus, Denmark is home to a thriving and growing acroyoga community.  Join the facebook group to stay updated on jams, classes, events, and to connect with these awesome folks.

We started acroyoga without a teacher nor community close by, so we binge-watched Daniel Scott's awesome and awesomely entertaining Namastache videos. Even though we've never met him outside of youtube, we feel like someday our paths will cross, and it will be like meeting a rock star.  He makes complicated things simple. If you don't have an acroyoga teacher nor community available, you can learn a lot from his instructional videos.

Can't decide which we were more impressed with: Debbie and Jacob's performance of non-stop washing machine rotation goodness or their fabulously fun classes.  Either way, meeting them at IAC in 2018 was a highlight of our convention experience. If you can't make it to train with them, you can still learn from them as these two Acro Revolution teachers put SOOOO much inspiring instructional content on YouTube.  You can also train with them via online classes.  Check their website.  

We had the chance to get our butts kicked by Caitlyn and Dane in Copenhagen in 2018 in a weekend of soaring standing acro and dynamic pops.  These two make big things attainable with progressive training and build-ups, easily teaching to many levels at once. Plus, they are just down-right fun. They travel constantly, but with lots of training videos on youtube and veemo, and an online personal training program, they will inspire you to train, train, train! Also, one more reason to visit their home-base: Australia.

Fighting Monkey

With a solid curriculum and some inventive training materials, this duo brings a creative and supremely intelligent sensibility to the movement community.  Martin had an influential week training with them in 2019 and continues with their online training with coordinations, practice ball, and speedtool.

We often begin classes with improvisational movement exercises and are always looking for new movement vocabularies and ideas.  We first encountered Gaga dance at MOVE Copenhagen in 2018 and then had the fortune to take classes at the Gaga Studio in Tel Aviv in 2019. Each class feels like a complete journey. From the gagapeople website: "Gaga is the movement language that was developed by Ohad Naharin throughout many years, parallel to his work as a choreographer and the artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company.  The language of Gaga originated from the belief in the healing, dynamic, ever-changing power of movement."

Like Madonna, these women only need one name...well, maybe two names.  We had the awesome honor of studying under them during our teacher training in Montreal in 2016 and can't wait to train with them again.  If you see their names, or AcroYogals, teaching near you, GO!

Ido Portal has a unique approach to movement and a wealth of information.  We are routinely inspired by his youtube videos and his thoughts on human movement. 

Some of the best acro in the world, plus a tour bus filled with yogis, plus warm sunshine...? Yes, please! We had a fabulous time touring Israel on the Acro Tour bus followed by an intensive and motivating week at the convention.  Some of the best acro teachers in the world and we walked away with bodies and brains full of new material and an new found appreciation for this completely unique part of the world.

Jeppe Skovgaard is one of the leading acroyoga, yoga, and movement teachers in Copenhagen and one of the co-founders of the MOVE! Copenhagen Festival.  We've played with him at MOVE! and at CPH Akro Week and learned so much. His newest title is co-owner of the Rort studio where many and varied wonderful things are always happening.

Aaron Lind is a Colorado-based instructor who leads acrobatics classes and immersions all over the world, while running an intense and comprehensive acrobatics teacher apprenticeship program. We had the chance to train with him at the Vermont AcroYoga Festival in 2016 and and the AcroLove DC festival in 2018. We picked up some great tips on form and really appreciated his methodical progressions and calm, confident teaching.

Lux's way of providing clear, informed, thoughtful, and accessible classes has definitely affected our own teaching style. We had the opportunity to study a bit (definitely not enough!) with him at IAC in 2018 and hope to catch him again in the US soon.  If you are near Seattle, visit his classes and we'll be there with you in spirit. If not, catch some of his million contributions to washing machine vocabulary on YouTube.

Matt Fields-Johnson and Liz Overton

If you've been down the instagram acrobatics rabbit hole, you may know these two San Diego-based acrobats.  Their beautiful photos are matched by their beautiful performance and awesome work ethic.  We picked up some great tips and fun new poses and transitions from them while traveling through Israel in 2018. Thanks, Liz and Matt!

MOVE! Copenhagen is a summer festival on the urban waterfront that combines all of the things we love: yoga, acroyoga, slackline, dance, meditation, parkour, natural movement, and that special Scandinavian sense of  community.

Partner Acrobatics

The Partner Acrobatics team offers regular teacher training, intensive training, and advanced training options in Spain, Thailand, and Mexico.  They focus on dutch and circus style acrobatics, handstands, washing machines, trios, and therapeutics, and include a Prehab program in their trainings with the aim of sustainability and healthy training. We met some of their teaching crew at the MOVE! Copenhagen and the Israel Acrobatics festivals and had great experiences both times.

This gymnastics, gross motor skill, tumbling, and training facility in Risskov has graciously welcomed our classes and workshops.  The sound of kids laughing, trampolines springing and energy vibing sets a fun tone for our classes. Thanks, Lene, for the beautiful space!

Outdoor enthusiasts and environmentalists, Jason and Chelsea Magness and Sam Salwei are the founders of the Yogaslackers: a practice that combines elements of yoga, acrobatics, and slackline to emphasize balance in all things, including harmonious relationships with the earth and her resources. We had the chance to train with Sam and Raquel in Cincinnati, OH in 2015 and then completed the online training program, Acro MasterMind, with Jason and Chelsea in 2019. We took away great warm ups, conditioning, and lots of challenging balances.

VanCity Acro

Slava Goloubov, Devon French, and Millissa Greenwood are creating some of the most exciting and innovative acroyoga flows around, if you ask us. With intensives, retreats, and teacher trainings in North America, Europe, and Asia, there's a solid chance they'll be near you eventually. But it would also be worth taking a trip to Vancouver to hang out and catch their vibe!

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