Sarah & Martin



"Our mission is manifesting an equitable, democratic, and free society, by guiding opportunities, through movement, for people to get out of their comfort zones, communicate, and connect."


When we met in 2014, one of our first discussions was about something we both wanted to try called AkroYoga.” So we found a few locals with some knowledge (Thanks Elizabeth and Benny for our very first jam!), took a few train-cation road-trips, and experienced various styles. With Martin’s passion for ‘seeking balance’ and Sarah's love of all things 'flow,' we inevitably landed at AcroYoga Montreal, where we found a movement vocabulary that synthesizes our favorite things. In 2016, we completed both Levels 1 & 2 of the AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Training and humbly give thanks and honor to Jesse Goldberg, Eugene Poku, Jill Campbell, and Heidi Blais for teaching us just how much we had to learn! Since then, we have been grabbing up opportunities to train and play with some of the most inspiring people in the world (whose links you can find on our Resources page.)


Martin's movement background began with gymnastics and tumbling.  He later developed an interest in parkour, slackline, movement culture, and other creative ways to physically train. He earned a Master's degree in Idraet (Exercise and Sports Science) and has taught gymnastics, exercise science, wellness and more on three far. He is passionate about discovering, analyzing, and discussing details and connections around various Movement forms.


Sarah loves studying the many facets of intelligent movement and mind-body-society connectivity. She began as a dancer, earned a Master’s degree in Choreography, and then started the real education of teaching modern dance, ballet, yoga, pilates, and improvisational movement classes at studios, preschools, and colleges/universities in the US and Denmark. Along the way, new modalities of bodywork and mindful movement keep finding her. Sarah is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor and Pilates Method Alliance certified mat instructor.

In 2016 Sarah and Martin both completed training in Thai Bodywork with Roy and Brenda Johnson of Lion and Dragon Yoga in Kentucky, USA.  We routinely include Thai Bodywork trades as part of our akroyoga class and offer private Thai Bodywork therapeutic sessions. (See our Thai Bodywork page for more info or to schedule a session.)


Currently, in addition to day jobs teaching Exercise and Sport science at Ålborg University and continually researching our next adventure, we present movement classes and workshops. We draw from our broad understanding of movement to design classes with specific goals and themes like, 'trusting yourself and others,' 'non-verbal communication,' and 'movements of the spine.' 

We are currently based in Aarhus, Denmark.

"The Moesgaards embody a way of like that is free and communal.  While, training, moving, and playing with Sarah and Martin I've found that neither of those three things are seperated but are entirely unified.  I've found that training with them is always met with playfulness, but that doesn't go without being challenged to become a more beautiful mover for life.  To train, move, and play with the Moesgaards is to be blessed with liveliness and friendship." - Kyle, LA, USA