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You want to feel more capable of doing the things you need to do, like take care of your loved ones, while still having energy leftover for the things you enjoy. You want to feel the confidence of good mobility and strength, and the peace of mind of good health. You want to live every moment of your next 40 years to the fullest.


When you train smarter, letting professionals take care of the planning and preparation, you will meet your goals, without hours in a big, uncomfortable, impersonal gym. You'll move better and feel younger, so you can play harder.

Not sure which service is for you? Contact us and schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals, budget, and together we'll create a plan.

Private Events
TrainMovePlay owners doing acroyoga

Private Events

Hey event planners - looking for a creative way for your team, office, or family to connect? Planning a unique birthday, bachelor/ette, anniversary, holiday party, or reunion?

Consider a customized group training session, an introductory session in yoga or Acroyoga, or a relaxing Thai Bodywork trade. Email us to schedule your private or corporate event.

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