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About Martin

Martin Moesgaard was born and grew up in Denmark, a small Scandinavian country with a high emphasis on healthy living. Martin’s approach to fitness training is informed by the Danish foreninger model. Danish foreninger are associations, or clubs, that provide non-competitive sports and fitness opportunities for people across the life span, from toddlers to seniors, and everyone in between. Having grown up within the forening model, Martin has seen that age does not necessarily limit a person’s health or ability to do the things they enjoy. 

As a child in Denmark, Martin and his family were all members of different foreninger, and later, as a teen and adult, he coached gymnastics and taught acroyoga for more foreninger. He has served on the boards of various sports associations and traveled to Australia, where he coached a Danish-style gymnastics club there. 

Martin's movement background includes gymnastics and tumbling, parkour, slack-line, movement culture, yoga, and more. He often gravitates toward disciplines that spark his creativity, stress coordination, use the whole body, and develop the whole person. In his personal practices, there is usually an element of gravity - working with it to find balance or working against it to generate strength - like handstand training and BJJ.


Martin earned a Master of Science in Exercise and Sports Science, then taught in universities in Denmark and the US. He enjoyed working with students to understand theories of movement and fitness. He was especially interested in teaching future teachers about the neurological science of movement, and coaching strategies. But he missed the more hands-on work of being in a gym.

Currently, Martin uses his position as the co-owner and professional personal trainer at TrainMovePlay, and through the TMP blog and social network, to help everyone he meets maintain healthful practices and keep moving.  Even after age 40, when metabolism slows, and many people start to notice a frustrating decline in their ability to move easily and without pain, Martin specializes in helping his clients build strength and maintain mobility so they can keep doing the things they love. He considers it a good day when he can help someone manage pain, reach a fitness goal, or increase the amount of movement in every-day life.


The TrainMovePlay motto reflects the same values of Danish foreninger culture that Martin grew up with: “Movement for All, Movement for Life.”

About Martin
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