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Blog coming soon....

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

We are working on some ideas for a new blog about all of the things we love...

This is us....

We are collecting ideas, organizing thoughts, and collecting links to things we find relevant and interesting. These mostly revolve around our movement experiences, our teaching philosophy, our communities of practice, our travels, and reflections on our most recent conversations. We spend a lot of time sitting together (with Old Fashions) throwing around ideas of moving and guiding movement. And we think some of you might be interested in these conversations and have something to contribute. So, we hope this will be the spark of a wider, more interactive and on-going dialogue within our global community of practice.

Traincations: we usually start planning the next one on our trip home from the current one.

Disseminating information about upcoming events and bringing together our many friends from around the world is another of our goals for this blog. So, if you have something happening that we, or our friends, might be interested in, please drop us an email or fb message and we'll include it in the next post.


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