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Are you curious about the Benefits of Small Group Fitness?

Updated: Apr 6

TrainMovePlay is launching a Spring Kick-off Small Group Fitness course soon, so now seems like a good time to jot down what we love about this type of training. In this article, we lay out 7 Benefits of Small Group Fitness training.

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If you are wondering, What is Small Group Fitness? , we have the answers. In this interview with Martin, he explains how his sessions work and also delves into the differences between Personal Training and Small Group Fitness. Here's the summary:

Small Group Fitness at TrainMovePlay looks like:

  • A group of no more than 6 people - that's where I think I can give a good group experience and still give every one a lot of personal coaching.

  • Each session is 45-60 mins.

  • No two sessions are the same but they generally include circuit training and games that build muscular strength and tone, balance, coordination, and work on metabolic conditioning. We use dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, balls, and also bodyweight exercises.

What are the Benefits of Small Group Fitness?

Small Group Fitness can be a great option for many people for a variety of reasons. As trainers, we like that we can get to know and work hands-on with everyone, while still benefitting from the group dynamics. Here, we'll dive a little deeper into 7 of the Benefits of Small Group Fitness.

Accountability + Adherence

For many of us, the BIGGEST challenge to any fitness routine; the MOST difficult part of any workout; the BIGGEST stumbling block is getting your butt to the gym. Right?! Most people, once they are in the gym, stay and workout! But there are sooooo many reasons not to go - not enough time, bad weather, maybe I'm coming down with something...OK, stay home if that last one is you! Otherwise, find a way to get yourself to the gym.

If you are someone who makes a good plan, but has trouble sticking to it, in other words, someone for whom Accountability and Adherence are necessary for success, then a Small Group might be a great "fit" for you. First of all, know this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Most of us need help sticking to a fitness plan. And most of us need someone to whom we are accountable. In a Small Group Fitness setting, you have the trainer and the other participants to help you. Unlike a bigger class setting, the group is small enough, usually about 6 people, that you are missed when you are not there. And unlike Personal Training, the group is big enough that you are missed by more than one person. Also, you can't just reschedule if you don't feel like going today.

Motivation + Support

Many people find that work in a Small Group Fitness setting is hugely motivating. What motivates each of us is different. For some people there is an element of healthy competition involved - especially if they are in a Small Group with their parter, friend, or roommate. For others, just having the group energy to draw from makes us work harder. (That's me!) Maybe you love that positive feedback when a group member notices that you worked really hard today. Maybe you get inspired by seeing what others are capable of, hearing about how far they've come on their own fitness journeys, or watching how dedicated they are to their own plans. Whatever reason strikes home for you, for many of us, there is something extremely motivational and supportive about working in a group.

You are not alone. Most of us need help sticking to a fitness plan.

Lower Cost

Financial accessibility is one great benefit of Small Group Fitness. Usually, Small Group Fitness is a lower monthly investment than Personal Training. And it is great bang for the buck since you are still getting a lot of attention from the trainer, compared to something like a large group fitness class where you'll get very little attention, or training alone without any guidance from a trainer.

Workout with Friends

Does working out sound like a chore to you? Would you rather be hanging out with your friends? Normally, we are encouraging people to multi-task less and live more mindfully - but in this case, we get it! Do what works! A Small Group Fitness course is a great way to spend time with your friends or family, especially if you join a group with the people who help you stay motivated and dedicated to your fitness routine.

You might find yourself laughing, engaging, and honestly enjoying the time.

Variety + Challenge

Working out with a Personal Trainer is the absolute best way to really focus on your goals and crush those targets. Working out with a Small Group can be the counterpoint to that strategy. In a Small Group Fitness setting, the trainer, hopefully, has a handle on each members' individual goals and can design a session that gives everyone something they need and want. The result is a kinda gumbo, where each session includes both things you are familiar with and things you haven't seen before. It can be a nice balance; a refreshing twist on your usual routine. And we know that variety challenges the body and stimulates the brain.

Help with Form and Technique

As with Personal Training, the trainer wants to help you have the best workout possible and to wants to help you reach your goals, while keeping you safe, realistic, and committed to the process. You are not just a face in the crowd - you are a member of the group.

Because the group size is small, usually around 6 people, you might feel more comfortable asking questions, or getting clarification or specific help with one exercise. You might also pick up tips by listening to the trainer give the other members advice and guidance.

Fun + Engaging

Working out with a group, especially if the group is mostly the same people each time, or if you are bringing your friends or partner along, can be really fun. If you are someone for whom working out is never really very fun, try a Small Group Fitness course. Partner drills, games, and circuits don't make the work easier (if anything, you might work harder when that group energy hits you!) But you might find yourself laughing, engaging, and honestly enjoying the time.

If you are interested in joining a Small Group Fitness course, or have other questions, contact us at and let's chat.

Train Smart. Move Well. Play Hard, friends.

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