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FAQs: Small Group Fitness Training

Updated: Aug 24

Small Group Fitness is an attractive workout style that can help you lose weight, build strength, feel better, + move better. Our professional, experienced trainer answers your most Frequently Asked Questions about Small Group Fitness below.

Are you interested in Small Group Fitness for yourself, or as a gift for someone else? Follow this button for registration information.

FAQs about Small Group Fitness Training

How do I reserve my spot in a group?

Do I need prior experience to join Small Group Fitness?

How many people are in a Small Group?

How long is each session?

How often should I come?

When do groups meet?

What happens if I have to miss my group one week?

What if I am going on a long vacation, get injured, or need to pause my training for a month?

What equipment will we use in Small Group Fitness?

What kind of exercises are included in Small Group Fitness workouts?

Should Small Group Fitness be "instead of" or "in addition to" Personal Training?

Can I bring a friend to try Small Group Fitness with me?

Can I gift Small Group Fitness to someone?

Small Group Fitness group push up

We hope this helps answer you FAQs about Small Group Fitness. Ready to get started? Follow this button for registration information.

Have more questions about Small Group Fitness? Contact us at and let's chat.

Train Smart. Move Well. Play Hard, friends.

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