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Meet the Owners of TrainMovePlay Fitness + Bodywork

Meet the owners of TrainMovePlay Fitness + Bodywork, Martin and Sarah Moesgaard. Learn a bit about our "Why," and the evolution of TrainMovePlay.

This month marks 6 years since we launched TrainMovePlay! Our mission remains the same, but our focus, our goals, and our address (including the continent where we operate!) have changed, so we thought it time for an updated version of our, "Meet the Owners," article.

In this post, you can find out more about...

Sarah and Martin sitting on a bench
Sarah and Martin Moesgaard, Owners of TrainMovePlay

Our "Why": The TrainMovePlay Mission, Values, + Goal

Our Mission

The TrainMovePlay mission statement is...

To manifest a more equitable, democratic and free society by facilitating opportunities, through movement, for people to leave their comfort zones, connect, and reflect.

It may seem like a heady mission statement for an operation that is, in our day-to-day reality, focused on Personal Training, Small Group Fitness, Yoga, and Assisted Stretching. We believe 100% in the power of movement to make humans better humans, and the world a better place. Here's how...

Our Values

Our mission statement outlines our values and our day-to-day work supports them:

We value equity and seek to consciously create environments where our clients can practice asking for, and feel confident in receiving, what they need to succeed.

We value democracy and frame every interaction with mutual respect. Our trainers and bodyworkers do not yell, bark, speak over, speak down to, or otherwise seek to humble or humiliate our clients. We expect that everyone has a valid and valuable voice and a unique perspective.

We value a step away from the comfort zone, because that's where self-reliance and self-awareness develop. A workout is not punishment for some former or later mis-deed. Restorative practices are not a luxury nor a reward. We embrace discomfort as a tool for growth.

We value connection, within and without. We explore conscious movement to learn about ourselves. When we begin to know and trust ourselves, other individuals can also become more accessible, acceptable, appreciated, and relatable. The connections ripple outward...

We value reflection - interoception, introspection, communication - as the driving force to growth.

In these small ways, we strive to develop in ourselves, and our TMP community, skills and tools that we can take into other areas of our lives to foster a more free society.

Our Goal

Our goal is that everyone who comes in contact with TrainMovePlay, whether for a long-term training relationship, or a one time workshop, walks away feeling

  • empowered to live a more healthful life,

  • emboldened to step outside of their comfort zone,

  • inspired to connect to other humans in meaningful ways, and

  • confident enough in themselves to engage in equitable practices throughout the community and world.

There are many paths people take to create a more democratic and free society. Each one of us has a responsibility to find the way we can contribute something positive, now and for the future. At TrainMovePlay, we find our path through movement.

Movement is our tool-of-choice in working toward awareness and acceptance.

The Evolution of TrainMovePlay

Martin's Story

Martin leading movement

Martin's movement story began with gymnastics and tumbling, then meandered through a wide range of movement experiences, like parkour, slack-line, movement culture, yoga, and more; often gravitating toward ways to physically train that also spark his creativity, stress coordination, use the whole body, and develop the whole person. In his personal practices, there is usually an element of gravity - working with it to find balance or working against it to generate strength - like handstand training and BJJ.

Martin earned a Master of Science in Exercise and Sports Science. He then taught gymnastics and parkour in boarding schools and recreational programs in Denmark and Australia, before crossing over into academia. Martin taught in universities in Denmark and the US. He enjoyed working with students to understand theories of movement and fitness. He was especially interested in teaching future teachers about the neurological science of movement, and coaching strategies. But he missed the more hands-on work of being in a gym.

Martin is now a full-time professional Personal and Small Group Fitness Trainer at TrainMovePlay. He considers it a good day when he can help someone manage pain, reach a fitness goal, or increase the amount of movement in every-day life.

Sarah dancing

Sarah's Story

Sarah loves studying the many facets of intelligent movement and mind-body-society connectivity. She began as a dancer, earned a Master of Arts in Choreography, and then started the real education of teaching. She has taught modern dance, ballet, yoga, pilates, and improvisational movement in studios, schools, and higher education in the US and Denmark.

In 2011, Sarah founded a bodywork studio in Berea, Kentucky, the seed of which is still branching and growing. Along the way, new modalities of bodywork and mindful movement keep finding her. Sarah is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor and Pilates Method Alliance certified mat instructor.

Martin and Sarah in acroyoga

Our Story

When we met in 2014, one of our first discussions was about something we both wanted to try called “AcroYoga.” We found a local duo with some knowledge (Thanks Elizabeth and Benny for our very first jam!), took a few train-cation road-trips, and experienced various styles. With Martin’s passion for ‘seeking balance’ and Sarah's love of all things 'flow,' we inevitably landed at AcroYoga Montreal, where we found a movement vocabulary that synthesized our favorite things: balance, flow, and connection.

In 2016, we completed the entire AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Training and humbly give thanks and honor to Jesse Goldberg, Eugene Poku, Jill Campbell, and Heidi Blais for teaching us just how much we had to learn. Then, we started grabbing up opportunities to train and play with some of the most inspiring people in the world (whose links you can find in our Acroyoga Resources article.)

Also in 2016, we completed certification in Thai Bodywork with Roy and Brenda Johnson of Lion and Dragon Yoga in Kentucky, USA. Read more about Thai Bodywork below...

In 2017, we moved to Martin's native country, Denmark, and started planting the seeds of TrainMovePlay as a fitness and bodywork brand. We began by offering AcroYoga and Thai Bodywork sessions, while still holding day jobs in academia. But by the time we moved back to the States in 2021, we both knew we were ready to commit our full energy to growing TrainMovePlay.

While we still love embracing community in class and group settings, we are now focused on the long-lasting and progressive relationships we can create within smaller groups and with individuals through private training.

We are currently based in Lexington, Kentucky. When we aren't working, we are chasing our little boys on the backyard trampoline or planning our next trip. Check out our social media (we are TrainMovePlay and TrainMovePlayPT everywhere) for up to date info.

Who We Serve and How

martin in personal training


At TrainMovePlay, we currently have three options for fitness training. Personal Training is for people who want the 1-on-1 attention of the trainer and a completely customized experience. We have Buddy Training and Trio Training options, too, for those who want an extremely personal experience, but want to train with partners, family members, or friends. Learn more about Personal Training in our article, What Can a Personal Trainer Do for Me?

Small Group Fitness is a great choice for those of us who like the energy and community of the group. Since the pandemic, Small Group Fitness has become a hugely popular alternative to larger Group Fit classes. Read more about how we do Small Groups in our article, FAQs: Small Group Fitness Training.

We also offer private yoga sessions. Contact us through the form on our home page for more info. If you've never experience a yoga session, you might find this article, What is Yoga?, helpful.

See our Services page for pricing and to request a free consultation.

sarah performing thai bodywork


There are currently two modalities of bodywork available through TrainMovePlay, and we are exited to offer another option soon.

Thai Bodywork is a good option for those who want a fully restorative bodywork experience, because it incorporates three techniques: assisted stretching, acupressure, and muscular compressions. Within one session, the receiver usually notices improved flexibility, enhanced mobility, and reduced pain. With regular sessions, Thai Bodywork supports and encourages the body's own systems for reducing inflammation, eliminating waste, and recovering from injury. When combined with regular strength training, Thai Bodywork is a powerful tool for feeling and moving better. Thai Bodywork sessions last around 60 mins. Read more about Thai Bodywork.

Assisted Stretching is also available at TrainMovePlay. This is a good option for those who want a shorter session (20-30 mins), or who want to include bodywork to begin or end a fitness session. Find out more in the article FAQs: Assisted Stretching.

Pricing for bodywork depends on the length of the session, the location, number of sessions purchased, and whether or not it is combined with a personal training session, so it varies. Currently, we charge between $55 - $90 per session. Contact us with your questions, and we will gladly offer more specifics.

Coming Soon.... The next modality to join the TrainMovePlay bodywork services will be Swedish massage! Keep an eye on our social media, subscribe to our blog, or join our newsletter, to get updates.

If you haven't downloaded our free Healthful Habits Bundle, follow this link to get it. It includes several printable habit trackers, how to and inspo guides, and printable motivation quotes to get you going and keep you going on your path to better health.

If you are interested in having a fitness session designed specifically for you, contact us at and let's chat.

Train Smart. Move Well. Play Hard, friends.

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